Contributing to Geokit

I encourage you to submit a patch if you have a bug fix or improvement for Geokit. Please read these guidelines:

Running the Gem Tests

git clone git://
cd geokit-gem
rake test

Note, you will get some warnings like this, don't worry about them:

./lib/geokit/mappable.rb:225: warning: method redefined; discarding old lat=

You may also get some debug output during the test run itself. As long as you get no failures/errors, you're in good shape:

xxx tests, xxx assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors

Like any project, develop in a local branch, and ensure your tests pass with a clean checkout first.

Running the Plugin Tests

Thanks for your contributions!

Rails + Geokit = easier mapping apps.
Geokit provides geocoding, location finders, distance calculations, and more.

The gem (geokit-gem) provides the fundamental location-based operations.

The Rails plugin (geokit-rails) mixes location finders into ActiveRecord.

Created by Andre Lewis and Bill Eisenhauer


Also by Andre Lewis